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Historical Date, US Dollar, Egyptian Pound, Analysis. Sunday, 22/03/2020, 1 USD = 15.7791 EGP, USD EGP rate for 22/03/2020. Saturday, 21/03/2020, 1 USD  Table of 1 U.S. Dollar to Egyptian Pound Exchange Rate for Past 365 Days. Date, Open, Close, Mid, Link. Sunday 22 March 2020. 1 USD  Get free historical data for the USD EGP (US Dollar Egyptian Pound) currency pair, viewable in daily, weekly or Date, Price, Open, High, Low, Change %  United States Dollar - Egyptian Pound (USD - EGP) Currencies. 15.7155. -0.0854 . (-0.54%). 01:17:00 AM. EDT. Add to watchlist. TO PORTFOLIO TO  History of daily rates USD /EGP since Wednesday, 31 May 2000. The maximum was reached on Tuesday, 20 December 2016. 1 US dollar = 20.107263107263 

Its fractional unit is Cent, 1 USD = 100 Cent(s). Egyptian Pound (EGP, £ or ج.م) is currency of Egypt. Its fractional unit is Piastre[B], 1 EGP = 100 Piastre[B](s). Charts serve for informational use only. They can not be applied for investment purposes. Intraday charts are in UTC time zone.

18 Dec 2019 The US dollar continued to decline on Tuesday, below EGP 16, that the EGP to appreciate within the EGP 15.9 and EGP 16 /$1 range. Convert US Dollars to Egyptian Pounds (USD/EGP). 03/22/20, Sunday, 1 USD = EGP 15.737. 03/20/20, Friday US Dollar and Egyptian Pound Conversions  Check live exchange rates, charts and trends for US Dollar to Egyptian Pound. Sudan; Major Unit: One Egyptian pound; Minor Unit: piastre = 1/100 of a pound,  3 Nov 2016 In 1963, the pound was devalued to reach USD 2.3 (USD 1 = EGP 0.43), inching closer towards the Omani riyal at the time. The Omani riyal is  29 Jan 2019 The EGP gained ground against the USD yesterday for the first time in Egypt to receive USD 1 bn in loans from Kuwait Fund: The Kuwait 

The value of 1 AED in Egyptian Pounds for the week (7 days) increased by: +0.03 EGP (zero pound three piastre). For the month (30 days) Date Day of the week 1 AED to EGP Changes 1 AED to USD. USD. United States Dollar. USA $ 0.27. Currency exchange rate change for the week. 0 USD

1 EGP to EUR or 1 Egyptian Pounds to Euros. How much is 1 EGP to EUR? convert 1 Egyptian Pounds to Euros and get the result 0,06 inr. To see other amounts for EGP to EUR please see the table below with relevant conversion rates or use our currency converter box. Highest currency in africa 2017 invest money uk here s what 20 vs egp will get you in cairo shut up and go economy of egypt alchetron the social encyclopedia xe convert jod egp jordan dinar to egypt pound xe convert usd egp united states … "1 Dollar Equals How Many Egyptian Pounds"